for working parents

For the convenience of working families, Yeronga Hyde Road Kindergarten is proud to offer an outside kindergarten hours education and care program called 'Kindy Club'.

Kindy Club is a happy and relaxed time, run by dedicated staff members Laura and Neeshi, where children can:

  • Participate in interesting activities

  • Enjoy afternoon tea

  • Have an opportunity to make new friends

Families with set working hours may have permanent bookings from 7.30 am until 5.15 pm Monday through to Friday. 

Families with schedules that change can ring on the day and make a booking, as the need arises. Our service is very flexible.


Kindy Club operates on Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesdays for Group 1 children


Alternate Wednesdays, Thursday and Friday for Group 2 children


7.30 am—8.45 am


2.45 pm—5.15 pm


7.30 am—8.45am: $11.50*

2.45 pm—3.45 pm: $11.50*

3.45 pm—4.45 pm: $11.50*

4.45 pm—5.15 pm: $11.50*

Late Fee 5.15pm - 5.30pm - $30.00*

Penalty Fees $1*/minute after 5.30pm/5pm

*Pricing applies to the 2019 kindergarten year.

other benefits

Aside from allowing you to work a full day, families may also use before and after care for:

  • Confidence building: Some children benefit from having a quieter start to the day. Kindy Club allows children to build their confidence and develop friendships in a smaller group.

  • Co-ordinating drop offs and collection with older siblings: Families may leave their kindergarten age children at Kindy Club before taking or collecting older children to and from school.

  • Time out for parents and families: Kindy Club can be used to allow busy parents and families space to attend other commitments such as sport or school activities, as well as appointments, shopping or some precious leisure time.

  • A sleeping baby: There is no need to wake the baby to collect and older child by 2.45 pm.

  • Emergencies: Take the stress out of having to be on time when an appointment has gone over-time, traffic is heavy or there is a deadline to be met.

I’ve been using before and after care for 2 years now and it’s been excellent. It has benefited my children to mix with a different and smaller group. It changes the dynamic and they play with different children. It changed my attitude from ‘before and after care is for my benefit’ to ‘before and after care is for their benefit’.
— Diana, kindy parent