Our Community



Yeronga Hyde Road Kindergarten is a Not-For-Profit Association which means it is managed by an elected group of stakeholders, typically parents and guardians ofchildren enrolled at the Centre.


Unlike a School P&C or a privately owned Long Day Care business the Teachers and the Director of the Kindergarten support the Management Committee, and not the other way around.

With this in mind by enrolling at a Community Kindergarten you accept Membership into a unique service that includes rights and responsibilities that do not come with other business models. Whilst your child attends Yeronga Hyde Road Kindergarten you as parents/guardians also take on custodianship of the kindergarten. The Management Committee is elected from within the Membership of parents at the AGM in February each year. Participation is vital to ensure the ongoing success of this great and popular institution.

Family involvement is not just heavily encouraged for all the benefits it brings to the sense of connection and development of belonging in the children of parents actively involved, but because every bit of help towards managing the Kindergarten helps keep costs as low as practical.

Yeronga Hyde Road Kindergarten prides itself on its inclusivity. With that comes the reality that every family and every child comes to us with different pressures, different challenges and circumstances and constraints. We are very much in a time poor and cash poor era. We encourage parents to become involved in the running of the Kindergarten in any way they can, from contributing man hours at working bees, hands on time in classrooms, guidance and advice to Management Committee members, washing and cleaning, or just giving generously at fundraising events. No contribution is ever too small and every contribution helps make the Kindergarten great for future children.