Our Committee

‚ÄčThe Management Committee, working together with the Director and staff, is responsible for managing the finances of the kindergarten, employing and managing staff, marketing, and other regulatory and managerial functions associated with running the service. With guidance from The Gowrie, it develops and adopts policy for the service.

‚ÄčThe Committee also works as a team to ensure that the kindergarten facilities and grounds are maintained. It raises funds for resources and capital improvements through fundraising and applying for grants.

All positions are nominated prior to the AGM and voted upon at the AGM. The term of office is 1 year. At time of enrolment all parents/guardians are required, as a condition of enrolment, to accept Membership into the Association, which gives them voting rights at the AGM, as well as a nomination form for all the positions on the committee. These positions are reviewed annually based on the needs of the Association.


Our wonderful and supportive committee of parents work throughout the year to help provide direction and management of the running of the centre.

President: Tania Lymburner
Vice President:
Chantal Donnelly
Secretary: Anna Ibbotson
Treasurer: Julie Savage
Grants Co-ordinatorS:
Trevor Kanapi, Renea Mahboop
Fundraising Co-ordinator: Danielle Chambers, Kate Barry, Kate Leeson, Kate Slesarewich
HR Officer:
Sarah Daley, Lisa Ezzy
Maintenance Co-ordinator:
 Brett Roper
Project Manager: Adam Head
Policy Officer: Sandy Silken
Marketing/Social media:
Leonie Clothier, Tracey Constantinou
Newsletter Editor: Karla Shaw
IT and Web Officers: Diana Campbell, Tom McPhail
Workplace Health and Safety Officer: Oskar Donnelly

General Committee: Aaron Pont, Messina Richards, Nick Beach, Tracey Constantinou, Peppa Brown


Our Committee’s past projects


  • Painting the interior of the kindy
  • Installing new lockers
  • Renovating the adminstration office
  • Fundraising for the purchase of toys, books, sand pit cover, mud kitchen, playground equipment, new lockers, water pump and house paint


  • Assistance with National Quality Framework assessment to obtain 'Exceeding' rating
  • Sourcing & provision of new staff laptops
  • Replacement of artificial and live turf


  • Initiated a long term 1-3year Soil Aeration and Grass Rejuvenation Project called Project Grass
  • Set up plans for necessary building works including roof repairs and re-stumping as well as opened discussions into the extension of the building


  • Successfully applied for the Gaming Grant fund to the tune of $30k and added a further $10k through fundraising to complete serious yard maintenance and Ill Fig Tree Solutions. This project consisted of a number of yard improvements including the construction of the water play area, the decking around the removed Fig Tree, roofing extension over the Shed and an extra water tank.


  • New EBA negotiated and adopted.


  • Switched Affiliate Bodies from C&K to The Gowrie
  • Major yard works completed to restore the yard to former glory post the January Floods.