About us

Recent changes in early childhood education

In recent years there have been, and still are many changes being made to the Australian Education system. In the area of early childhood the government has committed to a program of ensuring universal access to a Kindergarten program by 2014. Through the Office for Early Childhood Education and Care, the Government is implementing a new learning framework for all services to work within. Through changes to the way the Government funds pre-school services we now see a number of new ‘Central Governing Bodies”. The current CGB’s (Central Governing Bodies) as at 2011, include Creche & Kindergarten Association of Qld (C&K), Independent Schools Qld, The Gowrie (Qld) Inc, Qld Lutheran Early Childhood Services and Qld Catholic Education Commission.

Changes at Hyde Road Kindergarten

In 2011, Yeronga Hyde Road Kindergarten affiliated itself with The Gowrie (Qld) Inc as its CGB and feel that this is the best possible partnership for our individual Centre. This was a change from previous years and is the reason behind our new signage and brochures. See the Lady Gowrie website for more information.

Educational program

In 2011, our centre commenced a 5 day per fortnight program. This is a change from previous years and is a requirement for us to comply with the Government's newly introduced funding requirements of 15hrs per week attendence per child. This means that our kids attend either Monday, Tuesday and every alternate Wednesday or every alternate Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. We have 2 Classrooms and with two groups per classroom per week we have a current enrollment capacity of 88 children each year. In 2011 the focus was on delivering a refined curriculum in line with the new Early Childhood Learning Framework as set out by the Government's Office for Early Childhood Education and Care. We are supportive of this curriculum as we believe it is a well balanced approach to early learning.